Do You Have Skate Skills

Sleek and Stylish

Having a skate board can be so much fun. There are so many ways to spiff it up and make it look cool. From cool graphics to sturdy wheels.

Flip Some Tricks

Here at electric scooters we have a wide selection of great skate boards to choose from. Light weight designs enable you to do more tricks and even feel as if you are surfing and/or snowboarding.

Get In Shape While Having Fun

Thank you for stopping by, make yourself at home and find a skate board you will love.

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Enjoy the thrill of riding your own electric bike!

What a thrill to just zip around town on an electric bike!  However, they can boast more that just a fun ride as they are economical as well.  Just think of the gas saving when your not taking your car to work or down to the corner market.

Many of the electric bikes showcased here sport high capacity batteries for long life, light weight frames and disc braking systems.

And if your concerned about the environment not pouring pollutants from gasoline into the air means that you can travel knowing that you’ve done your part for the planet.

Check out these great electric bikes and you will be overjoyed at the fun and savings that you will have.

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Electric Scooters Are Just Plane Awesome!

Who wouldn’t think electric scooters are awesome. They get use where we need to go, and are so much. There is nothing like feelin the wind in your face while crusin down the road.

Here are some cool facts about are beloved electric scooters:

  • The earliest patents for electric scooters can be found as long ago as in the late 1860s
  • The first electric motor cycle was made red-able to the public in 1911
  • They are great for saving money.
  • They do not harm the environment. Being powered of batteries electric scooters don’t produce harmful contaminants that gas powered vehicles do.
  • You can buy them pre built or buy a kit and make them yourself.
  • Being much smaller then a car, you take them way more places then a big bulky vehicle.

When riding you always want to make sure you take all complete safety measures. Wear proper head gear and pads. Have fun and get out with an electric scooter today!

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Tips For Maintaining Your Electric Scooter

Electric scooters just like gas powered vehicles need some up keep too. As small and convent as they are if they are not kept in good shape they too will break down on you. There are many different ways to up keep your scooter and keep it in great running shape for years to come, Here are easy few tips:

  1. Keep your tires inflated. Keeping your tires inflated and well balanced helps to keep the scooter from rattling. Over time lots of rattling can shake its components apart. It also makes for a smoother safer ride.
  2. Keep a fully charged battery is essential. Letting your battery drain will lead to a shorter battery life. Make sure not to charge the battery more then 24 hours, this can lead to damaging the battery.
  3. Lubricate and clean scooter chain. By making sure your chain is lubricated and cleaned at all times helps to keep away rust, and unwanted debris.
  4. Clean scooter as a whole. Make sure your scooter is clean as much as possible. Doing this will over all give it a longer running life and will help to cut down on unwanted maintenance.

Now that you know a few easy, quick tips to keep your scooter running safely and efficiently you can have the best electric scooter.

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An electric scooter is not just for the young anymore!

There’s not one kid around that wouldn’t have a blast zooming through their neighborhood on an electric scooter, but enjoying this kind of ride is no longer for just the young!  In today’s world many adults are finding this a thrilling ride as well as enjoying the practical applications of this mode of transportation.

With the rising costs of gas, insurance and auto maintenance, many people are looking for alternative ways they can get them from point A to point B without breaking the bank.  Here at Electric Scooterz you will find a great assortment of the newest and best in design for electric scooters as well as electric bikes and go karts.  OK, so a go kart may not be for driving to work, but hey, who said a person can’t have a little fun once in a while!

With innovative design many of the models featured here offer great balance technology, long lasting battery life, larger weigh bearing capacities as well as quick recharging technologies.  Some also offer folding handlebar mechanisms along with cargo racks for carrying your items.

Please take a look around at the many electric scooters here and find your perfect ride.

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Welcome to Electric Scooterz

You have found the best in electric scooter entertainment here and will surely find thrilling entertainment while driving around in style.

We have everything from electric scooters to skateboards.  Plus all the gear you will need to ensure a safe and fun time.

Thanks for scooting by and enjoy your finds!

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Fun in the sun with go karts and dune buggies

Awe! the thrill of go karts!

Riding a go kart is such a great way to have fun and experience the great outdoors. Here at electric scooterz we have lots of different models for your perfect day in the sun.

Yay! Dune buggies

Dune buggies are excellent for offroading with larger tires to be able to with stand the ultimate test of traction. Equipped with seat belts and strong bumpers for safety.

Fun on four wheels

Get out and enjoyed the rest of summer on four wheels with the best in go karts and dune buggies here at electric scooterz.

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